Pulled Meat Pies

I had some left over pulled pork and pulled brisket and didn’t want to waste them. I gave some away to my volunteers at the beer fest an made the rest into pies.

pork shoulders

Two shoulders with cumin and paprika rub about to go into a low oven for 8 hours.

pulled meat pies

The pies on sale on our festival bar on Sunday.  They were rather good even if I do say so myself.

Beer Fest BBQ September 2014

Its that time of the year when I work 16-17 hours a day, lose half a stone in weight (not such a bad thing) and do my hardest to make a little cash for my family on the side by running the food operation at at my beer fest.

Over the last couple of years I have tried lots of different offerings – but have finally settled on my current menu. I would like to do more, but I dont actually get to do any of the cooking myself as I am too busy, so rely on some kind volunteers.

fest menut

My current offering is based on variations on some nice jumbo bratwursts, I have “branded” them with nice names and logos and the “double piggy” with pulled pork is my best seller.

buddha bap

I make a large pot of chilli, and about 6 shoulders of pulled pork too.  The picture above is a “Buddha” (Make me one with everything and a pulled pork bap.

bain marie

Keeping things hot in my new electric bain marie.  The beer fried onions are always popular.

I also splashed out on big chunk of brisket going cheap and roasted it overnight with some basic salt & pepper – it was amazeballs!


In the past I have made a few attempt at veggie curries etc but this year I found a recipe for veg pilau made in the slow cooker – I cooked a simple veggie curry with yoghurt, then added it to the rice in the cooker and let it do its business.  I then portioned it up and pinged it in the microwave when anyone wanted a veggie option.

veg pilau pots

A splash of bombay duck pickle and they were really good!

Only another 8 months till the next festival – I feel better knowing that I finally have a menu that works, can be cooked by anyone, and a lot of the preparation can be done in advance.

Sweet Potato & Kimchi Pie

I had a tin of dubious looking Korean pickled cabbage which I had originally intended for a pork pie, but having run out of veggie pies I needed a quick batch for bank holiday monday (I HATE BANK HOLIDAYS!).

I combo microwaved a large sweet potato and scooped out the flesh into a bowl with the roughly chopped kimchi, and some red kidney beans.  I knocked up a batch of hot water crust pastry which is cooling as I type.



Will update the post with some finished pics in a bit

Pav Bhaji Pie

To make these I raided my freezer door sine frozen butternut squash, and mixed veg.  I added these to a chopped courgette and stirred in a sachet of Ashoka Pav Bhaji.


To the right is my home made hot water crust pastry.



Pork & Wakame Pie

After an online shopping spree I have some weird and wonderful ingredients to cook with.  Today’s effort was a bag of dried Japanese seaweed – Wakame.  I mixed with sausagemeat, and a sprinkle of light soy sauce.

wakame a wakame

Straight in the freezer so no finished pic….

Cock & Banana Pork Pie

My inner 12 year old bought some more cock flavour seasoning – a Jamaican ingredient.  So I added some Banana ketchup and my sausagemeat.   These have gone straight in the freezer so no finished pic.

cock banana

This is a different brand banana ketchup (used Baron’s before) and at least this one is pourable!

Too busy to blog – multi pie post!

Just catching up with myself after a holiday, and a backlog of cooking.

I have made some lovely pies – but barely had a chance to take a picture:

Pork with Chorizo & Especias Morunas (saffron, mild smoked paprika, cumin & Chilli)

Pork with Kashmiri spiced Mango Chutney

Veggie Pies with Black Beans & Banana Ketchup, grated apple & Polenta

Pikeas – Pork pies with a Swedish meatball in the middle

Spinach & Chickpea pies with 5-spice

All-in Veggie pies with Broad beans, kidney beans, sweet corn, courgette, ratatouille, polenta, green lentils with pickled chillies, papaya and carrot.

Pork & Goldfish pies (well Goldfish brand Chinese Curry Paste)



Nanami Togoroshi Veggie Pies

This was another extravagance from online shopping, a posh Japanese chili pepper mix with seaweed, sesame and ginger.  It does taste nice 🙂


I added it to some mashed potato, red kidney beans, garlic & ginger paste and some polenta to thicken it all up.




A little artistic sprinkle to finish them off – and voila they are to the front of the picture below.

nan and black pud



Moorish Vegetarian Pies

A friend had bought me some “Especias Morunas” back from Spain – which translates as Moorish Spices.  It is mostly mild paprika, cumin and saffron.moorish1

I added it to a tin of drained spinach, black eyed peas, and sweet potato before making some hot water crust pastry – fun and easy!

They turned out by far my best looking pies yet – and they all sold out in a day to exclamations of delight (or something like that!)

 moorish moorish 2